Big Band Husbando

Big Band
Original Name
Romaji Name
Ben Birdland (Original Name)
Appears In
Place of Origin
New Meridian (Later: Dr. Avian's Lab 8)
Date of Birth
December 15th
235.00 cm
43.00 kg
Blood Type
170.00 cm
160.00 cm
150.00 cm
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Popularity # 12692
Like # 15767
Trash # 5625

Ben Birdland, aka "Big Band", is a observant detective who is committed to using his abilities to stop Skullgirls. Ben Birdland has seen a lot in his time, including the worst of the Grand War. But nothing was worse than what he saw as a beat cop in New Meridian. When he ran afoul of his crooked unit, he was given a violent early retirement, and his broken body was left to spend the rest of its days in an iron lung. His good friend, Irvin does not betray him however. That would have been the end of Ben’s story if it hadn't drawn the ears of the Anti-Skullgirl Labs. With little left to lose, he agreed to be rebuilt with their experimental procedures. Melded with the machinery that allows him to breathe a powerful array of pneumatic weaponry, he was reborn as “Big Band.” Now a senior member of Lab 8, he’s become a father figure of sort to the younger ASG soldiers. A firm believer in their cause, he has stayed with the project through its controversies and still sees his place on the front lines against the Skullgirl. His technology may be dated, but he more than makes up for it with experience and fortissimo. Note: 3 sizes have no proper measurement, his weight varies from 43kg to around 2300kg, no birth year either, his blood type is an experimental oil mixture. SOURCE:

cop cyborg dark skin detective soldier tall white eyes masked
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