Felicia Sara Hardy

Felicia Sara Hardy
Original Name
Black Cat
Romaji Name
Appears In
Marvel Comics
Place of Origin
Flushing, Queens, New York City, New York
Date of Birth
178.00 cm
54.43 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 1496
Like # 1325
Trash # 4528

Greedy, vengeful, and cynical, much of Felicia Hardy's life has been shaped by loss and trauma -- leaving her a jaded woman who looks out for herself at the expense of others.[90] Despite scoffing at the idea of being a super hero, Felicia has frequently acted as a vigilante anti-hero - largely due to Spider-Man's influence on her; and has also at-times gone straight and used her powers for good as both a vigilante and a private investigator. Encouraged by her father to always be the best, Felicia channelled her rage and humiliation at having been raped into following in her father's footsteps as a cat-burglar. After adopting the persona of the Black Cat, Felicia reveled in the freedom it gave her and all-but completely discarded her civilian identity, being perplexed by Spider-Man's unwillingness to do so as well. Hating feeling weak more than anything, Felicia bargained with the Kingpin to obtain superpowers after nearly being killed by Doctor Octopus, but this cost her relationship with Spider-Man and wasn't enough to save her from nearly being killed by Venom. When promised limitless power by a mental avatar of the divine magic of Yggdrasill, Felicia nearly accepted when offered limitless riches and revenge against everyone who'd ever wronged her, but was outraged and disgusted when it suggested she use her godhood to brainwash her former lovers into becoming her personal harem. Felicia's often-ruthless vindictiveness can be shown by her swearing revenge on Spider-Man after the Superior Spider-Man beat her to a pulp and left her for the police, disregarding Peter Parker's explanation that Otto Octavius had swapped minds with him; her hatred towards Eddie Brock for the time he almost killed her; and her rage towards Lee Price for having humiliated and enslaved her. While she eventually forgave Spider-Man, she continues to hold an intense grudge against Eddie despite his efforts to redeem himself - sneering that he would always be a loser and a monster in her eyes. Despite this, she is willing to set aside her grudges and work together with her enemies when faced with a threat she can't overcome alone.

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