Black Vritra

Black Vritra
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Black Vritra is the first Dragon that appeared in Unlimited Fafnir's world 25 years before the start of the story, engineering the first Dragon disaster, and the progenitor of all Ds. Although an antagonist at first, she eventually allied herself with Yuu Mononobe and his friends in order to face the Ninth True Dragon, enrolling in Brynhildr Class under the alias of 'Ritra'. Vritra initially appeared as a large, black western dragon. Upon taking human form, Vritra resembles a younger version of Kili, with long, black hair and a one-piece black dress. After becoming a part of Brynhildr Class, she started wearing Midgard Academy's standard female uniform. Vritra's true form is unknown, as it resides in a higher dimension from where dark matter originates. Vritra has a serious and straightforward personality, but becomes easily flustered and irritated when teased. Although not very evident, she also cares about Ds and her daughter, Kili, as well as the safety of the world. When speaking, Vritra uses an archaic form of language for reasons unknown. She also comes off as very secretive when it comes to her plans. Vritra refers to her 'past self' as fair and just at all times, as well as holding universal love for all life on Gaia, comparing it to what humans call God. Spirituality of such nobility is something the current Vritra cannot conceive. Because the continuity of self has been broken, she doesn't understand her motives for sacrificing her own body to restore the world that had been destroyed by the Seventh calamity. Her current motive is to not let her past self's efforts go to waste. Vritra appears to have developed a passion for food ever since tasting an ice cream for the first time. She was extremely attentive when she was taught how to make yakisoba and spent all her coupons on food during Midgard's school festival.

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