Blair Flannigan

Blair Flannigan
Original Name
早乙女 レイ
Romaji Name
Rei Saotome
Appears In
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 3767
Like # 3484
Trash # 5291

Blair Flannigan, known as in the Japanese version, is an underage student and the only girl in the Slifer Red dorm. Initially a minor character appearing in a stand-alone episode during the first season, Blair joins the central cast at the beginning of the third after proving her worth as a Duelist. When she was first introduced, she wore a standard Slifer Red jacket and boots with gray pants ending at the ankles. To hide her hair she disguised herself as a boy, she then wore a clip with both a large hat and an orange bandanna. When Blair returned near the end of season 2, she was once again disguised, since she still used her bandanna and wore a kabuki mask. She now wore a sleeveless orange shirt under an dark blue and aqua version of the Obelisk Blue jacket with blue jeans and lilac boots. Starting from season 3, Blair's main outfit consists of her orange shirt, a Slifer vest, black shorts with a slanted brown belt, black socks that went slightly above her knees and newly designed Slifer boots. She continued to wear this outfit even after she became an Obelisk. In the first season, Blair was a shy, love-struck but highly intelligent young girl. She had an insane crush on Zane, but switched to a crush on Jaden by the end of her first episode. She has aced perfectly on all her entry exams and was almost ranked to Ra Yellow. When she returned near the end of season 2, she kept her crush on Jaden but grew up greatly became much more developed, much more mature and even developed a sort of leadership role.

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