Bond Forger Husbando

Bond Forger
Original Name
Romaji Name
Bondo Fōjā
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
100.00 cm
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Bond Forger is one of the main characters of the SPY x FAMILY series. He is the pet of the Forger Family. Formerly known as Subject 8, Bond was used for experiments that resulted in him gaining precognition abilities. Bond's large stature, long coat, and snout suggest he is a Great Pyrenees, being large enough for Anya Forger to comfortably ride on. He is a large dog of an indeterminate breed with fluffy white fur and black paws, noted by Anya to resemble the gloves and shoes of Bondman. His eyes are small and dark, with small ears that usually droop down. When his fur is wet, his body is revealed to be much thinner than his fur suggests, and for some reason, it also affects his bark. Bond usually wears a collar in the style of a bow tie, given by Anya after she comes up with his name. Despite his dark background, Bond is shown to be a very kind dog, as he uses his precognition abilities to help others who find themselves in danger in his visions, from rescuing a child from being hit by a falling board to assisting Anya in preventing the death of Loid Forger. He also helps Anya to retrieve her favorite pair of gloves from a fierce dog by intimidating him. However, he is also shown to be overzealous and quick to seek gratification, often resulting in him jumping the gun and actually causing the misfortunes he tries to prevent. Bond is also shown to have a petty and jealous streak, destroying Anya's beloved stuffed penguin when he felt it was getting more attention from Anya than himself. He did apologize to Anya, however, by fetching her a bag of peanuts after seeing how badly this act had upset her. While they did make up afterward, Bond continues to be jealous whenever Anya gets a new toy that she shows off to the rest of the family. Due in part to his past as a lab rat and the abuse he suffered in Project Apple, Bond is somewhat unnerved by dog training techniques. The amount of time he spent there was so long that he was initially unfamiliar with the simple act of playing, as he remained mostly stationary during his first trip to the dog park. After being taken in by the Forger family, Bond has gained a comfortable life filled with love and care, which he reciprocates in his desire to protect the family.

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