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Bondrewd "The Novel", also known as "The Lord of Dawn", "The Sovereign of Dawn", is a legendary White Whistle Delver who has made many great discoveries about the secrets of the Abyss. A researcher fascinated by the Abyss, he has often resorted to illegal and morally questionable means in order to get funds for and conduct his research, including selling Artifacts and information from the depths illicitly, developing dangerous drugs, and even experimenting on living humans. His methods went against all the ethical principles of Delvers, but he was allowed to continue due to his outstanding results. Ten years ago, he did the unthinkable by establishing a large base named the Ido Front in the deepest area within the 5th layer of the Abyss, as well as securing a route to the then-inviolable 6th layer. Bondrewd is a tall man sporting mostly black clothing, with a long coat and a suit.[3] He always covers his face with a black helmet which includes a gap in the middle where violet light shines through. His second body also has a lizard-like tail, which originates from the Artifact Third Works. His White Whistle is sculpted into the shape of two identical hands clasped together, and is used by rubbing it instead of blowing air into it. Bondrewd is a man who values knowledge above else, even in the wake of whatever moral issues that may occur from his actions. He is willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone in the pursuit of it, not out of malice but because he feels that they need to be prepared for whatever will come as the next 2,000-year period approaches. He remembers the names of each of the individuals he has sacrificed to that point, seeing it as a necessity. He doesn't show hostility to those he faces. Rather, he praises them if they manage to get the advantage over him. Despite his methods, he is quite a capable father.

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