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Borr (ボラー, Borā), also known as Buster Borr in his Assist Weapon form, is a character in SSSS.Gridman. He is one of Gridman's Assist Weapon in the anime, and the member of a covert group called Neon Genesis Junior High Student. Borr is more sassy and outspoken, like when he calls Utsumi a brat or says Rikka is going to be a handful. Being the youngest of the group, she is shown to be snarky and brash, often annoyed by Utsumi's mumbling due to comparing the combat situation to that in Ultra series. Borr is the Assist Weapon whose human form has androgynous appearance, which more evident with his orange hair that tied in two medium low ponytails that he can be mistaken as a girl on the first glance. His eyes are mostly blue, but, similar to Rikka, have the hint of another color in them. He has short eyebrows. He is younger and shorter than the rest of his companions. He wears a gray shirt with a black tie under a black button vest. Over it, he has a black jacket with a gold marking on its left side. He has black pants and shoes. As Buster Borr, he assumed a form of futuristic yellow and white drill tank with multiple missile launchers and a pair of enormous drills. When combining with Gridman, its tank threads become twin energy minigun/missile launcher hybrid, the body become a bulky breastplate, and the drills becomes shoulder-mounted energy cannons.

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