Bukkororii Husbando

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Crimson Demon Village
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Bukkororii is a member of the Crimson Demon Clan. He is the son of a shoe-shop owner and as such is destined to become the Crimson Demon's greatest (and only) shoemaker. He is also Megumin's next-door neighbor. Bukkororii is a NEET who spends most of his time lazing around his house. He believes himself to be a coward with poor social skills, which isn't an unfair self-assessment. Like most Crimson Demons, Bukkororii has chuunibyou tendencies. He often introduces himself to strangers in a dramatic fashion and tries to pull cool-looking poses. Bukkororii was born in the Crimson Demon Village and is the son of the Village's best (and only) shoemaker. Like other Crimson Demons Bukkororii was born with incredible magical potency and as such was able to obtain advanced magic at a young age. Since childhood he has been friends with his next-door neighbor Megumin, whom he sees as a little sister. He is destined to one day take up his father's mantle as the Village's shoemaker, however Bukkororii wants to live a more dramatic life.

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