Byakuya Togami Husbando

Byakuya Togami
Original Name
十神 白夜
Romaji Name
Togami Byakuya
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
May 5th
185.00 cm
68.00 kg
Blood Type
81.00 cm
Popularity # 1141
Like # 1605
Trash # 325

Byakuya Togami is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. His title is the Ultimate Affluent Progeny. Byakuya is a cold and self-centered person who is very reserved. He is not interested in co-operating with others due to his own sense of self-superiority, and his opinion that others are, on the whole, lesser than him. This sense of superiority and black-and-white worldview comes as a result of his upbringing; Byakuya had to prove his worth in battle against his siblings in order to earn his role in the family as heir-apparent, whereas all his other siblings who lost the battle were effectively ex-communicated from the family and cut off financially, deemed "unfit for the name of Togami". Because Byakuya was raised in such a highly competitive environment of "haves" and "have-nots", he thinks all people only think about themselves and he dismisses emotional ties as petty and unimportant, in his own words:

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