Calca Bessarez

Calca Bessarez
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Karuka Besāresu
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Calca Bessarez was the Holy Queen of the Roble Holy Kingdom and the younger sister of Caspond Bessarez. She was killed by Jaldabaoth when he and his Demi-Human Army invaded the Holy Kingdom. Calca was a young woman with long vibrant hair of spun gold and lovely cyan eyes. Her face was as beautiful as a freshly-bloomed flower, exuding majesty and dignity, earning her the praise "The Treasure of Roble." She was likened to that of an angel, and many who saw her gentle smile went on to describe her as a saint. Calca Bessarez yearns for love and it frustrates her that she had yet to find a worthy man. Calca's major source of frustration is her unmarried status and the rumour that she is in a relationship with the Custodio Sisters which she denied. Additionally, she was a very kind person who cares deeply about the well-being of her people and the safety of her nation. Unlike the Custodio sisters, her kindness also extends to sparing demi-human children from being killed. She isn't quick to judge something just because of their nature. As the Holy Queen of her nation, she seemed unwilling to use underhanded means.

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