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Calill is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She is the wife of the Berserker Largo and a surrogate mother for their adopted child Amy in Radiant Dawn. Calill and Largo also run a bar in Crimea, and are close friends with Queen Elincia and the Crimean Royal Knights. Calill is a rather narcissistic individual, and is extremely over-confident and self-absorbed in her abilities. This has caused her to look down on and criticize several people around her, including Makalov and Largo. Calill also comes off as being rather bossy, as can be observed during her support conversations with Nephenee, where she teaches her the ways of a city lady. However, it is later revealed that Calill is, much like Nephenee, born and raised in the countryside, as can be observed through her familiarity with eating beedle nuts. She is also rather flirtatious around men whom she considers to be attractive, despite being in a relationship with Largo. In Radiant Dawn, while Calill is still as narcissistic as ever, she is more accepting of her fellow comrades and more willing to help out when they are caught in tight spots, with examples including the march towards Felirae Castle and the siege of Fort Alpea. She has become more domestic as well, a result of being married to Largo and playing the role of a parent to Amy.

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