Camie Utsushimi

Camie Utsushimi
Original Name
Romaji Name
Utsushimi Kemī
Place of Origin
Saitama Prefecture
Date of Birth
August 15th
161.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 129
Like # 126
Trash # 266

Camie Utsushimi, also known as Illus-o-Camie, is a second-year student at Shiketsu High School training to become a Pro Hero. During the Provisional Hero License Exam, she was impersonated by Himiko Toga. Camie is a young woman of average height with straight, fawn-colored hair that reaches just below her shoulders and large, dark brown eyes. She has noticeably plump and glossy lips as well as a quite curvaceous figure. In her school uniform, Camie has the same traditional white-collared shirt and dark skirt every female Shiketsu High student wears. She also sports Shiketsu's signature hat, whether she be in her school uniform or in her hero costume. Her hero costume consists of a simple black catsuit with blending patterned lines and a zipper running down the middle, left slightly down to reveal her cleavage. She wears white cuffs around her wrists and white heeled knee-high boots, patterned with gray lines, as well as a loose black collar lined with metallic plates. Camie is a normal teenage girl who comes off far less serious than most of her Shiketsu peers, easily brushing off the fact that she had been targeted by the League of Villains who impersonated her to infiltrate the Provisional Hero License Exam. Seiji Shishikura believes she's an utter fool, but their teacher describes her as simply being bubbly. She is very laid back, straightforward, and tends to be quite talkative. Befitting her easy-going demeanor, she prefers others calling her by her first name rather than her family name. Camie can also be very flirtatious and Inasa Yoarashi believes she has magnificent "interaction techniques". Camie speaks using very trendy or gyaru-like slang terms that make her difficult to understand for a lot of people. Apparently, she also likes children and thinks a guy that's good with them is attractive. While she appears naïve to a fault, Camie is rather clever in hindsight. During the remedial exams, she created an illusion of an aurora without any prompting as a means to captivate the children, which played along well with the ice slide that Shoto Todoroki and Inasa created, allowing the kids to all have fun. Beforehand, she brought up the idea of the remedial students using their Quirks to impress the children rather than fighting violence with violence. She's also truthful and, to a point, insightful, telling Katsuki Bakugo that he does well when putting his loud and aggressive attitude aside.

brown eyes
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