Cardinal (Underworld)

Cardinal (Underworld)
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Cardinal was a supporting character in the Alicization Arc. She was the embodiment of the Cardinal System's error-checking sub-process in Underworld, manifesting as an alternate, opposing personality of Quinella when the latter merged the system with her Fluctlight. Cardinal became a separate individual when Quinella transferred a copy of her memories to a girl named Lyceris, causing the girl's Fluctlight to break and thus allowing Cardinal to assume control of the body. This resulted in the two personalities immediately engaging in combat, which eventually forced Cardinal to take refuge in the Great Library Room. After centuries of working behind the scenes, Cardinal joined Alice Synthesis Thirty, Eugeo, and Kirito at the final battle against Quinella at the top of the cathedral, where she died in battle. Cardinal appeared as a scrawny, doll-like cute ten year old girl with milky-white skin, chestnut-brown eyes and short, curly hair of the same color. She wore a magician-like robe with velvet-like luster and a greatly inflated hat made from the same material and carries a staff longer than her own height, all of which made her look like an elderly scholar. Her most striking feature was her eyes, fringed by long eyelashes and beyond the round glasses, daintily worn on her nose, give an overwhelming presence of knowledge and wisdom. Just looking at these eyes made one feel like they were sucked into a depth with no definite end. She also had a somewhat elderly manner of speaking, but has a cute voice befitting her appearance.

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