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Carmilla was the Witch of Lust. She formally debuted in Arc 4 as a supporting character. Following her death 400 years ago, Echidna collected her soul and brought it to the Sanctuary along with the other witches. Throughout Arc 4, she and the other witches helped Subaru accept himself and change his views on Return by Death. After the arc, her soul was transferred into a crystal and she is currently travelling with Omega. Carmilla stood at 160 centimeters tall, making her taller than the likes of Rem but shorter than the likes of Emilia. She had round red downcast eyes and long pale-pink hair that was parted down the middle and tied into loose asymmetrical bunches falling down the front of her shoulders that went all the way to her hips. As a reflection of her personality, the Witch of Lust's physical demeanour more commonly than not conveyed meekness. Her face looked very refined, and, as opposed to being a standout beauty, Carmilla's charm was derived more so from how abnormally adorable she was. Although her physique was well-hidden by her clothing, Carmilla was known to have a shapely figure with surprisingly large breasts. Carmilla, who was averse to exposing her skin, would often resort to wearing baggy clothes that hid her generous physique. Her ensemble consisted of a dark-red dress that reached down to her ankles and had diamond patterns on the bottom, a pair of light-brown boots, a long snow-white coat with a pink collar that covered her dress and reached slightly lower down than it, and an exceedingly long light-green muffler that trailed along the ground behind Carmilla. Overall, the only parts of the Witch of Lust's body that were exposed were her head and her hands. Carmilla had extremely low self-confidence, often having downcast eyes and overall acted very timid. She tended to stutter and question her own words, more often than not ticking other people off by doing so. She spoke in a very polite manner, trying not to cause any disagreements or disapproval. At times, she showed a rather submissive side of her, when dealing with her fellow Witches of Sin, as seen when she had no problem in taking part of Echidna's scheme to lure Subaru into her Castle of Dreams, despite knowing it will end badly for her. Due to her timid personality and low self-confidence, she was frequently seen shying away from stern gazes, often pleading people not to hit her or exercise any form of violence towards her. This behavior likely stems from her past bad experiences with other people. According to Echidna, Carmilla only cared for herself and held deep grudges if you were to harm or trick her in any way regardless if she was in the wrong. Despite her title as the Witch of Lust, Carmilla felt no desire to love or be loved due to a traumatic experience she suffered during her life. Using the Authority of Lust, Carmilla could transform into whomever their target desired to see most.

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