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Cássio "Cascão" Marques de Araújo is Cebolinha's best friend, who usually puts him in his infallible plans, although in the majority of cases, Cascão ends up delivering them both, unintentionally. He has a "pet", a pig called Chovinista. Cascão's striking feature is that he has never been bathed, and therefore be completely dirty and stinky. But despite that, he's a friendly, affectionate, and above all creative kid who loves to play and does not care about looks. Her personality originally was that of someone cracked by trash but she was shifting to a playful personality who recycles old objects to make toys but with the same fear of water. Dating Cascuda and he's crazy about football - he cheers for Corinthians (but the first time he talked about football, he cheered for Santos). He is also a big fan of science fiction films, comic books, and figures such as Captain Pitoco, Darti Vesgo and even Billy Bear (despite hiding from all this last aspect). Cascão loves to collect things and stuff, then take good care of Dona Lurdinha to get rid of them. Currently he is one of the four main characters of the Class, along with Monica, Chives and Magali and also one of the most famous characters. He won his own comic book in 1982.

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