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A normal girl from the countryside at first, her village was burned down by her father by the order of some nobles, causing her to hate nobles with a deep passion and steals from them as a result. During her multiple encounters with Roy, Cath regarded him as a snobby noble at first and did not believe his sympathies when she told him her tale. Eventually, she becomes interested in how he lacks a noble demeanor, and becomes his ally after confirming he is truly unlike the rest of them after hearing that he would help her rebuild her village. After the war ended, Cath declined invitations from various places to continue travelling alone. She kept an eye on whether or not Roy would be able to keep the promise he made to her when he invited her to be an ally. Priding herself for being a chivalrous thief by stealing only from nobles, Cath is abrasive and frequently tries to steal from her own allies, but takes a genuine liking to her support partners and usually ends up giving back whatever she stole from them. Because of the harsh mistreatment in the past, Cath has a extreme hate for nobles and influential people, and even despises her father for being the one to put the torch to the village, though Bartre points out that he likely did it to protect her and the other villagers, considering how their lord's soldiers were starting to draw their weapons.

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