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C'yra of D'riluth III
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October 28th
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Catra and Adora grew up together in the Horde and once shared a powerful bond. Though she initially felt deeply betrayed when Adora joined the Rebellion, Catra realizes she has been given the opportunity to step out of Adora's shadow and climb the ranks in the Horde. Full of new ambition, Catra quickly takes Adora's spot as Force Captain. Catra is a tan-skinned teenage girl of feline origins with a slender and athletic physique. She has angular features, such as a pointed chin, straight nose, and slanted, almond-shaped, heterochromatic eyes; pale yellow (left) and turquoise (right). She features three(more as a child) freckles on her cheeks, and soft curving dark eyebrows. Due to her feline display and ancestry, she has retractable black sharp claws on her hands and toes, small fangs, large, black, catlike ears slightly buried within hair, a long prehensile dark brown cat tail, and light brown horizontal markings on her arms, with three on her back that resemble a tabby cat's stripes. She also sports wild, spiked, cedar-brown hair with two lighter colored tufts below her ears, held back behind a scarlet headpiece inspired by the one worn by her '80s series counterpart. In Seasons one to three, she wears a sleeveless, two-toned red-orange leotard-like top over a set of fashionably torn reddish-violet stirrup leggings, exposing her knees and heels. Additionally, she's seen with two belts that cross over each other, the thicker of the pair sporting the Horde symbol, and, as the show progresses, we see her sport the Force Captain pin on her shirt over her heart. As a partial appearance after returning from the void in season three, the right side of her face, upper right torso, and right arm of Catra are all a very deep black, with purple cracks surrounding those parts as well. In this form, Catra's right eye is also dark purple. In Season Four, Catra has a new outfit and hairstyle. While Catra maintains her slender physique, she looks slightly more muscular. Her hair is worn neater and straighter, and appears longer due to not being as wild and scruffy as it used to be, and the tufts of hair behind her ears are gone. She wears a maroon-red leotard which is worn with a black shrug top with a stand-up collar and one long sleeve on the right side, and together these form a small diamond-shaped opening at mid-chest (similar to Scorpia). The long sleeve ends in a fingerless glove and has a red diamond on the shoulder. She wears a black fingerless glove on her left hand and forearm, and around her waist is a black V-shaped belt. On her lower body, she wears a set of burgundy and black stirrup leggings, which open to show the back of her legs mid-thigh, and she is barefoot (as is typical for her). In Season Five, she goes through three major costume changes—her Horde Prime mind-controlled allegiance look, her spacesuit appearance, and her final look. The first, she wears all white Horde clothing with a hood covering her face when she initially is presented. Her eyes both appear lime green given off by Prime's control chip placed on the back of her neck. Her hair has been cut short and slicked back to give off an even more menacing look. Catra's space suit look seems to have the same design as her season four outfit. with a black plate covering the top of her chest, white sleeves a lot like Adora's. with a light pink stomach to waist cut, tall black boots, and dark red and pink leggings. When wearing her helmet, Catra has a similar style to her mask from Seasons One to Four, with her head cover in a white, glossy helmet and two white ears sticking out of the top of the helmet. For the remainder of Season Five, Catra retains her Season Four outfit, albeit it is now completely sleeveless, she has a black belt, and she has stopped wearing her mask. Her hair is still cut short, but has gone back to being messy. In Adora's vision of the future, Catra has let her hair grow long and messy again and has put it in a ponytail. She now appears taller, wearing a red-orange-colored short sleeve shirt, and a white coat with golden trim that she wears on one shoulder like a caplet. She is no longer bare foot, wearing thigh high boots with tight dark pants and has gone back to wearing fingerless gloves. Names, nicknames & titles: Catra Applesauce Meowmeow C'yra of D'riluth III Force Captain (rank) Cash Kitten Cat Cat Fairy Horde Scum Jealous Beauty Kitten Kitty Little Sister Stubborn Brat Wildcat DC comics appearances: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2013—2015) He-Man The Eternity War (2015—2016)

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