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Caven (カーフェン Kāfen?) was a member of the Military Police under Kenny Ackermann. She appeared to be a young woman with a fit, thin build. She often held a calm, almost sad expression. Her blonde hair was just a little bit past shoulder length which she usually kept tied back with bangs that were parted down the middle. She wore a pair of tight black pants, a white button-up shirt, and a pair of black shoes along with her Anti-Personnel ODM Gear. In contrast to her captain's boisterous personality, Caven was much more professional and disciplined as a soldier. She was very reserved in her conduct, showing little emotion in all of her dealings. She was unconcerned at the sight of Kenny being blown out of a tavern with a shotgun, showing no concern beyond casually asking if the blast was enough to kill him. Likewise, she was unfazed to see Kenny kill others, showing more concern for potential information his victims might have held, than for the victims themselves. Caven seemed to not care about the world anymore, as she thought of it as cruel and terrible.

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