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One of Valm's most capable warriors, he has never been bested in combat. Believing that it was his beard that protected him in his first battle, he has never shaved it ever since, concerned that he would be vulnerable again if he did. Cervantes first appears in Chapter 16, where under Walhart's orders, is sent with a group of Valmese to intercept Chrom and the Shepherds at the Mila Tree after knowing that they were there to visit Tiki. Cervantes and his soldiers put up a good fight, but he is ultimately defeated and retreats. Before the battle outside of Valm Castle, Excellus and Cervantes talk about the eventual "bloodbath" between Walhart's forces and Chrom's army. Though Excellus claims that he is unmatched by anyone due to his vast network of blackmailing, Cervantes merely scoffs off his comment when he cowers before Walhart. After Chrom's army repels Walhart back into Valm Castle, he is surprised to see that the dynasts formerly under the control of Yen'fay, and to a lesser extent Excellus, now helping the siege of Valm Castle. He once again scoffs of Excellus' notion that they are equal and leaves to prepare to defend his liege. Though he puts up a good fight against Chrom's forces, Cervantes is ultimately defeated and dies in battle. Because Cervantes often boasts about his beard, many other people often have difficulty understanding words that are similarly pronounced to beard. In the Japanese version the running gag was that he often uses the word 'hair' which could mean hair on the head or other body hairs (e.g. beard). Others would look at his (bald) head first while pointing out that he had none, and he would angrily correct them with a more specific word. He seems fond of his mustashe.

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