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Chakuro is the main character of Children of the Whales. He has hypergraphia, and is nicknamed 'destroyer' due to his lack of control over his powers. He has short, messy brown hair and green eyes. He wears a pair of goggles on his head. His first outfit consists of a white shirt with a green over shirt with a green-blue sash tied over it, with tan shorts and sandals. Chakuro is a passionate and curious thinker who seems to always ask questions about the world around him. Some of the most occurring questions he asks are 'how do mud whales float?' and 'why are feelings important?' His obsession in writing is seen as an illness by his grandfather and himself. As an archivist, Chakuro writes objectively which is a contrast to his expressive behaviour. His writings are relied on by the council members. Chakuro is very expressive and emotional. It is pointed out that he often cries during funerals when he is not supposed to.

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