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Charlotte is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates and an ally in the Conquest and Revelation routes. Charlotte is normally perceived as a cordial, authentic girl by most men who interact with her, though she can be quite flirtatious and forward during her courting attempts. However, behind their backs, she is brutish, rough, and potent. She is a ferocious fighter and loves throwing herself into battle without a thought of danger, but tries her best to keep these impulses in check around men. Apparently her true personality can worry even the otherwise cocky Niles, who immediately regrets having teased her in their Support. She interacts with her "kind" personality when speaking with men as she has received negative reactions when she showed her true personality to them, which badly affected her self-esteem and led her to believe that she would never be really loved. Her facade does not work all the time however; Xander, Odin and Jakob are able to see through it and Kaze is seemingly unaffected by it. The only male character she does not put up a facade for is Benny, since they are always working together. In fact, in her support conversations with him, she actually expresses relief that she can drop the act with him (so long as there's no one else around). Charlotte is particularly skilled in barehanded combat, as Xander notes her skill when she takes down a Faceless without any weapons and was able to fell a tree with a single punch in her support with Corrin. Charlotte also dislikes flattery. Her personality as a whole stems from her childhood where she was raised poor, but was well loved by her parents. As a way of saying thanks to her parents, she became a soldier and sent part of her pay to them. She wishes to get into nobility so that she can increase the amount of money she can send to her parents, shown through her supports with Xander and Leo. However, in Leo's case, she does not want to marry to nobility just for the sake of their wealth, concerned that her feelings may be impure or that she may hurt them by accident. It is also shown that she will marry nonwealthy people if she truly loves them. Her support with Nyx reveals that she also has a soft and caring side, making Nyx act like a child so that she can feel comfortable in her body.

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