Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Windam

Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Windam
Original Name
Romaji Name
Sharurotto Beatorikkusu Marī Ruhodi Windamu
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
162.00 cm
50.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 2643
Like # 8120
Trash # 345

Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Wyndham is the princess of Midland. Charlotte is a brunette with a petite build, a pale complexion and dark eyes. Her long, curly hair is usually tied into hairstyles befitting medieval royalty, although on rare occasions, she has it loose. As the Queen of Midland, she usually dresses in very formal matter, such as wearing ornamental dresses. Charlotte is a demure and socially distant princess who is soft-spoken and polite. She fell in love with Griffith at first sight and remained devoted to him after his brutal torture and resulting deformity, and she officially became his fiancée after his return. Despite this, she is a very strong-willed individual; defending her decision to give her favor to Griffith from her mother, relaying information to the Band of the Hawk as a spy, bribing a guard during a rescue mission, stopping a poisoned dart from killing Griffith, and the formation of Falconia, drafted a legislation for orphanages. Charlotte came to hate her father for his year-long imprisonment and brutal torture of Griffith after he discovered that Charlotte slept with him. She ceased to consider him her father when he attempted to rape her, which forced her to realize that he had sheltered her to become an object of his lust.

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