Chelsea Childe

Chelsea Childe
Original Name
Romaji Name
Cherushī Chairudo
Appears In
Dr. Stone
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 20th
148.00 cm
40.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 15049
Like # 14146
Trash # 19573

Chelsea Childe is a geographer that was found alone in North America. Chelsea is a young woman with a ponytail ending in pronounced swirls. She has short bangs that are swept outward in both directions, with smaller pieces of hair sticking out in front of her ears. She has wide, round, cutesy eyes and her upper lip seems to always be in a '3' shape. Initially, Chelsea was dressed in a large pumpkin, similar to Suika's helmet. She used it to store her tools in. In addition, Chelsea has the "fuzzy sickness", resulting in a terrible squint. Soon after meeting, Senku and the others create a set of glasses for her, also outfitting her with a generic explorers outfit consisting of shorts, a large belt, and a jacket with rolled sleeves and several pockets. She replaced her singular large pumpkin with a smaller one smashed over her pith helmet, and another medium-sized pumpkin as a knapsack. A smaller pumpkin rests on her belt, presumably to act as another container. She also wears a whip on her hip. Her socks are pulled up to just below her knees, and her ankle boots have a single button clasp with no laces. Chelsea is a happy girl who seems friendly and excited, especially after seeing people for the first time after petrification. She also insists she is "besties" with Dr. Xeno after bumping into him in the national park prior to the petrification event, which might show it doesn't take much to befriend her. While Chelsea is generally enthusiastic and composed by most things she has shown a comedic shock as seen when she freaked out by Senku suggesting they create a fax machine. Her straightforward and carefree attitude when talking earns her a nickname of "Chelsea the Blunt" by Gen when she ask Luna directly about her weight. This makes her seem a little rude when combined with her tendency to point at people. In alignment with her amicable personality, Chelsea opposes Xeno's ideas of ruling the world with an iron fist.

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