Chiaki Morisawa Husbando

Chiaki Morisawa
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September 18th
175.00 cm
60.00 kg
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An idol who loves heroes, and lives life as one. He is the type to go all out and straight into things, and a passionate person who treasures his comrades deeply. With a powerful, reassuring singing voice, his performances are straightforward with full force. He is RYUSEI Red, and the leader of Starmaker Production's RYUSEITAI. Chiaki is tall and athletic. He has short brown hair kept in a tousled fashion, and matching colored eyes. On stage, he wears the red color version of RYUSEITAI's uniform. It includes a black and white leather jacket with red accents and gold trimming and detailing. The jacket is longer on the back than it is in the front, and the inside is designed with a sparkly purple fabric, reminiscent of a galaxy. He wears a black shirt underneath and a gold necklace with a red star as well as white form-fitting pants with a sparkly purple stripe down the outer sides. This is accessorized with a red and white striped belt with a gold and red star-shaped buckle. The belt has golden strings dangling from it and a sparkly red and white wrap tied to it. He also wears tall red boots with white accents and gold detailing, along with a pair of black fingerless gloves. Chiaki is a bright, passionate person. He expresses his love for his hobbies in dramatic but excitable ways, because he enjoys sharing his passion with other people, and likewise, enjoys it when other people do the same with him. He loves to dote on his juniors, no matter how cold they are to him. He enjoys having physical contact with people, and is known to embrace his friends and juniors to express his joy and love. His passion can be overbearing sometimes to other people due to how exaggerative and dramatic he expresses himself. However, he is a helpful and kind person, always willing to offer a helping hand or lend an ear. He sees the good in every single person he meets, and loves to give compliments. He is extremely empathetic and a worrywart, and for that reason, is easily drawn towards the person who's suffering the most. He has a pragmatic approach to the world, such as calling the police when situations are dangerous, or protecting people not by defeating "monsters", but by providing them with emotional comfort. He has a very strong sense of responsibility as a hero and a leader, which has made him develop a habit of overworking himself; in the past, and even now, this has caused him to collapse from exhaustion. His stubborn side is an extension of his sense of obligation, and he often has moments when he refuses to back down from his convictions. Despite all this, there are times he can be timid and unsure of himself, such as not believing he's as good as the people around him, likely due to these self-esteem issues. Chiaki is also noted by Kanata as well as himself to be a "crybaby", and often cries in emotional moments, whether happy or sad; despite that, he has a strong enough pride that makes him want to hide those tears away. Not only that, but due to the fear of being seen as uncool by his juniors (and by kids who look up to him), he often shows a strong front whenever they're around. On the other hand, he doesn't do it as much with people his age, especially those who are close to him, such as Kanata and Kuro. He thinks and talks to himself often, especially in attempts to calm himself down.

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