Chifuyu Matsuno Husbando

Chifuyu Matsuno
Original Name
Romaji Name
Matsuno Chifuyu
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 19th 1991
168.00 cm
58.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 4155
Like # 3752
Trash # 7801

Chifuyu Matsuno is the First Division Vice-Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang. In an alternate timeline, Chifuyu is the Vice-Leader of the Second Generation Tokyo Manji Gang. He is one of two protagonists of the Tokyo Revengers: Letter from Keisuke Baji spin-off series. Chifuyu is a young man of average height with light blue eyes, light skin, and a piercing in his left ear. As a child, he wore his hair in a choppy undercut style, with the top dyed blonde and the sides kept his natural black. He is often seen dressed in the Toman uniform, but outside gang activities, he wears a large, white sweater, plain dark pants, and tennis shoes. In the present, Chifuyu still wears an undercut hairstyle, but it is black and noticeably neater than in his youth. When meeting with Takemichi, he wears a pinstriped suit. Chifuyu is a loyal person who sports a calm, logical demeanor. He is unwilling to leave the sides of his friends and refuses to fight those he considers close to him. He is willing to let his emotions shine when a situation calls for it and doesn't shy away from helping out others blindly. Even if he gets beat up by or for friends, he still sticks by their sides. He typically acts as an adviser for Takemichi and makes plans before jumping into action. He's usually composed under high-pressure situations that might even cost him his life. Though he acts knowledgeable and levelheaded, he is naive at times and doesn't always plan things meticulously, which has lead to unfortunate consequences at times. Chifuyu is also very willing to go against those who are doing morally reprehensible things even if they are in a position of a higher power. During his first year in middle school, Chifuyu displayed himself as someone who was against higher authority that abused their power and therefore, acted cold but compassionate. However, despite having strength, he never wanted to take control of his school, seeing students who look down on other students as losers which is why he hated prideful, boastful upperclassmen the most.

blonde hair brown hair calm delinquent deuteragonist earring fair skin green eyes logical loyal multicolor hair
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