Chitose Kizuki

Chitose Kizuki
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Kizuki Chitose
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Chitose Kizuki also known by the code name Curious, was the executive director of Shoowaysha Publishing who was also secretly a leading member of the modern Meta Liberation Army. She is one of the main antagonists of the Meta Liberation Army Arc. Chitose was a woman with long, pale lilac hair, worn parted to her right side, full lips and pale blue skin. Her eyes were unusual, in that her sclerae was completely black whereas her eye irises were green, and her pupils were completely black. And they were framed by notably long eyelashes, wrinkles, and small eyebrows. She wore gold earrings, a navy blue, shoulderless dress with long sleeves and an X-shaped belt with a circular buckle around her waist. For the Revival Party, Chitose also donned an unbuttoned, salmon-colored jacket with black fur around the collar and hem. She sported light colored laced high boots. As described by her Liberation Army code name, Chitose was an immensely curious woman who is highly invested in her journalistic pursuits. Due to taking Rikiya Yotsubashi's advice to heart, she believed that stories based on face-to-face interviews were the best way to influence readers, treating even battles as an opportunity to ask questions about one's personality and motivations. As a publisher executive director, Chitose claimed to have never given up on getting a good story ever since her early days in the journalism industry, fondly looking back on them occasionally. Chitose had been inspired to claim the hearts of the people with her stories, all for the sake of the Meta Liberation Army. Despite this, she was very callous about the lives of her soldiers, utilizing her Quirk to turn them into walking bombs as a battle strategy and describing it as a selfless act from their part. Despite being uninterested in the League of Villains, Chitose greatly desired to learn about Himiko Toga, having shown an obsessive interest in the circumstances behind her descent into madness. Chitose knew many details about Himiko's life prior to becoming a criminal and had wished to create an article that brought her background as a villain to light after extensively researching her. Due to her immense curiosity and overzealous/obsessive nature, Chitose’s mentality even caused her to outright lose her sense of danger, as seen when despite being in the battlefield against Himiko Toga and nearly being stabbed and cut by her knife attacks, Chitose was not at all alarmed or even afraid for her life and simply continued to excitedly interview Himiko. Even when she was falling to her death upon being affected by Zero Gravity, instead of feeling fear or trying to save her life, Chitose instead ecstatically proclaimed on how interesting her article on Himiko was going to be and excitedly laughed on how wonderful her lines were for her latest work and being completely oblivious to her fall and her impending death.

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