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Chiyomi has been madly in love with the heterosexual Soko for sixteen years, ever since their high school days, but her feelings were never requited. When Soko, driven to the brink of despair by all the years of abuse at the hands of her husband, calls her to get rid of him, Chiyomi does so without hesitation. Despite all the verbal and physical abuse that Soko enacts upon her, Chiyomi never wavers in her feelings for her, and frequently expresses that she would rather die than part with Soko. Although she dated Kei for 10 years, Soko's call for help determines Chiyomi to break up with her in order to be at Soko's side. While Chiyomi's home life is not as troubled as Soko's, her coming out as a lesbian has a negative impact on her terminally ill mother's health and Chiyomi forces herself to fake-date a man just to give her peace of mind, leaving the family home to live on her own right after her death. On several occasions, Chiyomi admits that her wealth has sheltered her from hardships that others had to face, such as having to wear only worn-out clothes or worrying about tuition.

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