Chloe Rollo

Chloe Rollo
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Chloe Rollo (クロエ・ロロ) is a waitress at the Hostess of Fertility pub and a former assassin known as Rollo (ロロ) as a member of the Njord Familia. Chloe has green eyes and black hair with cat ears and a tail of the same color. She wears the Hostess of Fertility uniform. As an assassin, she wore a top, shorts, and hooded cloak that she used to cover her face. Chloe is known to have a crafty side and often gambles which her fellow employees give a cold shoulder to. She is loyal to her fellow Hostess of Fertility coworkers such as when she was openly hostile to Hermes for mentioning Ryuu's past. Despite being an assassin, she had a strict code of conduct, as she only killed people she considered to be scum and those who were resolved to die. Chloe is a shotacon, as shown with her attitude toward Bell, and the fact that she labels young boys as "the treasure of the world". She first developed those feelings when she acted as a chivalrous thief for orphans while traveling on her own, and at the same time developed her greediness as well. Because of this, she refused to assassinate them if she was ever asked to. Also, she once considered having handsome young men serve her while she would caress their stomach and behind.

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