Choromatsu Matsuno Husbando

Choromatsu Matsuno
Original Name
松野 チョロ松
Romaji Name
Matsuno Choromatsu
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
May 24th
Blood Type
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Choromatsu Matsuno is a character in the series Osomatsu-kun. He is one of the sextuplets, often seen acting as Osomatsu's partner in troublemaking.. His name derives from that of an Edo-era nickname used for fast-running and foolish children, along with the onomatopoeia チョロチョロ (chorochoro, to rush). Although his place in the order of the sextuplets was ambiguous and not of importance in early media, he is established as the third-eldest in recent works, most notably his counterpart in the 2015-2018 spinoff Osomatsu-san. The adult Choromatsu in this series is shown to have smaller pupils, no cowlicks in his hair (aside from animation errors), and a triangular down-turned mouth. He often wears green-themed clothing, and can be seen to wear a white collared dress shirt beneath his hoodies. Choromatsu is arguably the most logical of the six Matsuno brothers (so he thinks to himself), and quite possibly be the only one truly concerned that they don't have jobs. He is the prominent straight man among his brothers. He often considers himself to be the most mature, going so far as to suggest that he should be the eldest brother and the one in charge, not Osomatsu. However, his biggest weakness is cute girls, particularly Nyaa and Totoko Yowai, in the presence in which he fawns over. He is, however, not a particularly crafty or secretive person, and is not good at hiding his thoughts or emotions. He tends to overthink things. In the commentary in episode 12, Osomatsu and Totoko remark about his serious and straight man nature not being his "true personality", and this is unveiled more throughout the show as his obvious insecurity and bluffing indicates a "rising" self-consciousness that only aggravates anyone around him that can see through such empty statements. Any attempts or times he will actually appear to follow through on his words will also be torpedoed by the status quo's existence or other extenuating circumstances which will lead him back to his usual gloating, complacent NEET path. Despite his apparent idol otaku nature, this would only extend as far as to the idols themselves, with Choromatsu confessing to Ichimatsu he has no actual interest in the music and only wants to fantasize over the girls. He is shown to still be somewhat interested with sexual magazines and other items from his high school days, going as far as to look up a doll's skirt for a peek at her panties.

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