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Choso is a supporting character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He and his two brothers, Kechizu and Eso are incarnated Cursed Womb: Death Paintings No. 1-3. Choso initially sided with Kenjaku's alliance with Mahito until he discovered one of the curse user's past identities was the cruel father of the Death Painting Wombs, Noritoshi Kamo. He also found out that Yuji Itadori is another relative of Kenjaku's and has aligned himself with his new "younger brother". As a Death Painting Womb, Choso is a half-human, half-cursed spirit who has a flesh and blood body that is fully visible even to non-sorcerers. His appearance is predominantly that of a human man with long black stringy hair tied into two high ponytails that jut upward and outward. Choso has small dark purple eyes with slightly thin eyebrows and a blood mark that extends from both sides of his face across the bridge of his nose. He can make this mark bleed at will in order to produce ammunition for his cursed technique, and the mark changes shape if he uses Flowing Red Scale. As far as clothing, Choso wears a loose, light tan robe that covers his torso, arms, and legs. It's worn underneath a purple gi-like vest that covers his torso in a "v" shape and has a bottom section that extends to Choso's waist and groin area. He also always sports a round scarf around his neck that matches his gi and brown boots. In the anime, Choso has violet eyeshadow around his eyes and his hair is a light brown color. Choso is a very calm and reserved person who's fairly quiet and tends to fade into the background of social groups. He normally has a bored expression on his face and appears aloof and completely disassociated in most situations. Choso is half cursed spirit but he doesn't have an inherent desire to attack people and doesn't even harbor any disdain toward jujutsu sorcerers. He's not cruel or vicious in any way and generally doesn't speak often unless it has to do with his family. In fact, Choso loved his human mother and the sorcerer who toyed with him was the only one to earn his hatred. Despite appearing to be a very disassociative person, Choso is very attached and protective of his brothers. Upon being incarnated, Choso told his two brothers that three of them lived only for one another and that they were all one. With a bored expression on his face, Choso was going through the motions of a simple board game with Mahito and Pseudo-Geto when he learned Eso and Kechizu had perished, deeply upsetting him. He agreed to fight alongside Mahito and Geto but ultimately only pursued the goal of avenging his brothers during the Shibuya Incident. Even during the fight against Satoru Gojo, Choso barely committed himself to attacking Gojo and stayed far back out of his range the entire time, upsetting Jogo. He also clashed with Jogo's more abrasive personality over keeping Yuji alive to revive Sukuna because Choso wanted to kill the vessel outright to avenge his siblings. Choso earned the opportunity to take revenge on Yuji but could feel his impending death right before dealing the killing blow. It's a side effect of his composition as a Death Painting Womb and of his cursed technique. Choso can feel the death of his brothers and felt the same intense sensation from Yuji's impending death as he did from Eso and Kechizu's. Once Choso realized that Noritoshi Kamo survived by moving from body to body, he surmised that Yuji must be his relative through that connection. Choso was quick to deem him one of his younger brothers and align himself with him. He devoted all his strength to protecting Yuji for the remainder of their time in Shibuya and focused his vengeance on Kenjaku for manipulating him into hurting his little brother. Choso takes immense pride in being the oldest of ten siblings and who he is as a person directly tied to this. He believes that he needs to protect his younger brothers and serve as a dependable example because that's what an elder brother does.Due to his family values and unconditional love for his siblings, Choso can't understand someone like Naoya Zenin. Naoya hates all of his older brothers because they are weaker than him. Choso argues that older siblings either present the road to travel or the one to avoid. He believes perhaps someone like Naoya is only strong because his brothers are weak. Unlike Naoya, Choso didn't have an older brother to show him the way so he always stumbled and made mistakes. Even so, Choso stands tall and walks the path ahead of his younger brothers and it is from this dedication that he draws strength. Choso wants to kill his father Kenjaku for the sake of his family and has no issue sacrificing his life to do so. On the edge of defeat against Kenjaku, Choso refused to accept defeat because he felt as if his younger brothers were pushing him through the pain and telling him to fight on. He refused to accept Kenjaku's disinterest in them and used moves inspired by each of them to do his best to commit patricide. Although Choso has been accepted by Yuji, he still regrets what happened with Eso and Kechizu. He feels responsible for the death of his younger brothers and fears that Yuji will be left alone because of his older brother's foolish choices. Choso initially decided to live as curses because he knew Eso and Kechizu wouldn't be accepted by humanity. Choso now feels as if that was the easy path which in turn ruined a future where the four of them were destined to all fight together. He was very emotional when admitting this to Yuki, who eventually told him to die as a curse so he can live on as a human alongside Yuji. Despite their short time together, Choso was distraught over Yuki's death and did his best to honor her legacy by passing her notes onto Yuji.

black eyes black hair blood manipulation facial markings fair skin half human hybrid spiky hair
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