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Chrom is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem Awakening. He is prince of the Halidom of Ylisse. He is the brother of Lissa and Emmeryn. He is also the father of Lucina, a direct descendant of the First Exalt and a distant descendant of Marth the Hero King. Chrom wields the legendary Falchion as his main weapon. Chrom is an unassuming and impulsive prince, that means well and has the heart in the right place. He believes that as a leader, he must show strength in the face of fatigue and the burden of great work, so as to be an example and inspiration to others. He is a direct and committed person, unflinchingly charging forward to achieve that which he believes in. He has the utmost faith in other people, particularly his friends and allies, but his extreme idealism and tendency to trust others blindly can also bring problems to him, leading to recklessness and unreflected decisions at times. Despite being a very talented warrior and charismatic leader, he is lacking on strategic and negotiation skills, relying heavily on Robin and Emmeryn's judgment in that matter. He is particularly overprotective of his sisters, especially Emmeryn, but, despite his protests, never argues with his older sister's final decisions. When he fails to protect her, rage and sadness consume him, but with the aid of his comrades, he overcomes it and becames a fair ruler. Chrom deeply cares for Lissa's well-being as well, making sure to take care of her while they are off at war. Upon the sudden death of his sister, Chrom worries about becoming king, afraid that he would commit the same mistakes of his bloodthirsty father and wouldn't live up to Emmeryn's ideals. After becoming Exalt, he assumes a more serious posture, aspiring to follow Emmeryn's ideals, though not taking it as far as she does. While he has the utmost respect for Emmeryn's pacifistic ways, and following her death seeks to honor her legacy, he believes that in the end force will be necessary to counteract those who would endanger a peaceful world and that if he must, he is willing to fight and kill to defend the peace. Not considering himself superior to anyone else just because of his royalty, Chrom much prefers to lead his Shepherds into battle than perform formal duties, finding the life of a royal to be stifling and a hassle at times, though he becomes aware that such a luxurious life shouldn't be taken for granted. Walhart notes that Chrom follows the Path of Kings: a person who lives with and for the people, as Chrom himself states that his strength comes from his comrades. By his own admission, Chrom will help anyone in need without a moment's hesitation. He trusts anyone after witnessing them in action, having given his trust to Lucina before her revelation and to Robin, despite other people's warnings. Chrom shares a special bond with Robin, especially with the Female Robin if he is married to her, and unwaveringly believes in them and trusts them implicitly even after finding out about their true heritage. He cares greatly for those around him and in his service, paying close attention to them and their needs. No matter the circumstance or risk, he will attempt to aid anyone in need he encounters, fully aware of and willing to risk any potential consequences if it means. His interest in aiding people goes beyond merely helping them: he is always seeking to forge new bonds of friendship and that doing so improves himself, his army and the people of the world. He believes strongly in the power of unity, attesting that a united front tightly bound by friendship and trust can together overcome even the most powerful of individuals. He is strong and can be quite awkward at times, known for being the one who breaks the most things during army practice. His awkwardness is also extended to his relationship with women, as he is dense or nervous in his romantic interactions.

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