Ciel Soleil

Ciel Soleil
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Ciel Soleil is a student of Atlas Academy and was part of a team with Penny Polendina and two other Atlesian students. Ciel has dark skin, short, navy blue hair and blue eyes. She also has a gold marking consisting of an oval shape surrounded by four smaller circles in the center of her forehead. She wears a blue beret, a plain gray button-down shirt with an asymmetrical collar and matching leggings, a blue combat skirt, and fingerless, elbow-length black gloves with a wristwatch on her left hand and black shoes. She appears to be very regimented and by-the-book and speaks with a near-monotone, matter-of-fact voice. When Ruby asks if Penny considers Ciel to be her friend, Penny replies that Ciel is merely ordered to spend time with her. Ciel is often seen to be conscious of the time, looking at her wristwatch and literally timing a minute when Penny asks for a minute to herself.

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