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Fire Emblem
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172.00 kg
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86.00 cm
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89.00 cm
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Clair is a playable character from Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. A headstrong and fearless young noblewoman, Clair has an overbearing nature, which is her one big flaw, not that she pays it any mind. She is also a cheery and sociable individual who loves to interact with any and everyone. She values her impression on others and speaks in an extremely formal and often eccentric manner. In the past, she was somewhat childish and impetuous, and while she has matured since then because of the war, she misses the carefree days of the past. Being a noble, before the war Clair doesn’t have much of an opportunity to interact with the more common people of Zofia. As a result, she rather desperately wants to know more about other aspects of common daily life. Despite her interest and efforts, her highborn demeanor always shows up contrasting with the simpler habits of the common folk. She is very close to Clive, and despite being overprotective over her brother initially opposing Mathilda's attempts to get closer to Clive, Clair respects Mathilda, admiring her skill in battle and addressing her as "Lady Mathilda." She is shown to initially be baffled by Gray's attitudes, calling his "love at first sight" for her shallow, and his courting behavior inappropriate. Later when she grows to know him better, she decides to give him a chance upon noticing that after the whole war he still was infatuated by her.

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