Claire Kagenō

Claire Kagenō
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Kurea Kagenō
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Claire Kagenō is a third-year student at Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy and heiress to her family. She constantly worries for her younger brother, Cid, due to his seemingly nonchalant attitude and disregard for his future, to the point of suffering from a brother complex. Following the "Red Moon Incident," she became the vessel of the Demon Diablos. Claire is a young woman with a tall, slender build, as well as long black hair and red eyes evocative of her brother's depiction. She wears the Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy uniform consisting of a blazer jacket, dress shirt and black tights. After becoming host to Aurora, Claire's eyes turn violet whenever the ancient mage asserts control of her body with her right arm started to appear in ancient magical circles. Being the heir to the Kagenō family, she has to be uptight and stoic in order to maintain her family's reputation. She also possesses a sharp tongue and doesn't mind criticizing or insulting people including her own father, Mr. Kagenō, who she (like many people) called him as 'Baldy' due to his cowardice. Although her biggest flaw is her reckless behavior which has gotten her in trouble on multiple occasions. This reckless side of her is often shown when she is worried about her younger brother, Cid Kagenō. Claire has been shown to be overly protective of him, willing to kill anyone if someone hurts him. When Second Princess Alexia Midgar was kidnapped and Cid was being interrogated as a "suspect", Claire immediately rampaged and attempted to rescue him. She was only stopped by Rose Oriana, who had to use her physical strength to nearly break one her arms, but even this wasn't enough to stop Claire, who immediately attempted to attack First Princess Iris Midgar, seeking revenge for the torture inflicted onto Cid. Another example of her overly protectiveness to her brother is when he went missing during Red Moon Incident.

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