Mrs. Valac

Mrs. Valac
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Like everyone in her family, she has lime green eyes and hair with a straight-across fringe, sharp teeth, and ram-like horns. She is taller than all of her children. Her hair is pulled back into a large, long, poofy ponytail. She wears a light pink dress with long sleeves that are puffed at the shoulders, under a green apron. Like everyone in her family, she is energetic and talkative. In the anime, she and her family often break out into song to either explain something or to express their excitement. Clara, Keebow, Konchie, Ran Ran, Sin Sin and Urara are Mrs. Valacs children. Their relationship as a family is both sweet and beautiful. The valacs share their characteristics and showman attitude from their mother, except for Urara who’s the only level-headed Valac. Mrs. Valac loves her children none the less, and shares her love outside of home by being kind and generous.

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