Clara Valac

Clara Valac
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Clara Valac is the tritagonist of the series. She is a student in the Abnormal Class at Babyls Demon School, and a friend of Iruma Suzuki. Clara has long, straight, lime green hair and lime green eyes. A pair of rightly curled horns sits just above her pointed ears. Her teeth are sharp and her nails are red. She has a long red tail with a heart on the end. She wears the traditional girls' uniform provided by Babyls, a white short-sleeved sailor shirt with red trim, and a red skirt, and a large red bow tied around the collar. She has personal pockets on her skirt that are yellow with white smiling faces on them which serves as an integral part of her magic. She also wears slippers that look like green monsters, named Connor and Murph. Clara is one of the stranger students at the school, acting very much like an excited child. She has abundant energy that most students can't keep up with. Other students find her weird and hard to deal with, but are drawn to her because her inherited power is so convenient. Since she had no friends, she would give students snacks and drinks as "payment" for playing with her. Her immature nature makes it difficult for others to get along with her, so much that most of the class can't stand her and wonder how Alice and Iruma can tolerate her so much. Despite her childishness, Clara is fully aware of how people view her as an annoyance yet still gives in to their demands in an effort to fit in. After befriending Iruma and Alice she learned to stop letting students use her for snacks and embrace herself and learn to befriend others in her class. She is very grateful to Iruma and Alice as they are the only ones who play with her unconditionally and is deeply attached to them. Because of this, she easily gets angry when they can't play with her. After Azazel Ameri starts hanging out with Iruma, Clara became deeply jealous of them spending time to the point she resorted to using various ideas to interrupt their time together. However, her jealousy was moreover them "playing" with them instead of her, and was more interested in playing with Iruma. She was more than willing to fight Alice to get to him or using her powers to break down the door in Ameri's room. Because of her childish nature, she is so innocent that she is 2% erotic (with babies being 3% erotic), with all her attempts at "enchanting" Iruma from a book ending in constant failure. Despite this, Clara will not resort to forcing him to fall for her, as she refused professor Raim's love potion to force him on her. Although she seems to mature somewhat as she declares her honest intentions to "enchant" him, she rises to 10% (which actually makes Iruma skip a beat).

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