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Clarine is the younger daughter of Pent and Louise, she lived a sheltered life, with few contact with the world outside the nobility set. Despite living in luxury and being very spoiled, she lived in extreme boredom, and so she decided to run away home to encounter her older brother, Klein, who was serving the nation as a general, far away. During the journey, she is captured by Erik, who lures her pretending to help her in reuniting with her brother, but actually intends to make her a prisoner and give her to Narcian. Clarine didn't react well to her capture. In the prison, she screamed at her kidnaper in a condescing manner, putting her own life at risk. By luck, she is released by Rutger and thereafter can be recruited by Roy, joining his army to protect her own life. During Chapter 4, she can persuade Rutger to fight for Roy's cause by informing him about its opposition to Bern. Later, in Chapter 11A or Chapter 10B, she can convince Klein to switch sides by informing him that Roy's group are not bandits like the Etrurian army falsely told him. After the war ends, Clarine returns to her castle in Aquleia and lives like she did prior to the game's events. Although her personality never changes, her charm and true kindness earns her love and admiration from her peers in the Etrurian nobility.

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