Colin Husbando

Original Name
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Ordon Village, Hyrule
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 24322
Like # 31752
Trash # 10146

A timid young boy from Ordon Village, he is the son of Rusl, a swordsman, and Uli, who is heavily pregnant with Colin's sibling. Despite his age, Colin is the closest to Ilia and Link, who he idolizes like an older brother; the boy is often taunted and teased by the other young children for his gentleness and his timidity. Colin has some craftsmanship ability, as he creates Link's first fishing rod. He idolizes both Link and his father for their courage and strength and he is unaware of the bravery that he, too, possesses. During the Invasion of Ordon Woods, Colin is kidnapped by Bulbin riders with the other children. At some point, the children escape the clutches of their captors and end up in the care of Renado, taking refuge within the Sanctuary after having survived twilight falling upon Kakariko Village. Shortly after the return of Epona, Bulbin riders head into the village and attack, with them nearly kidnapping Beth if not for Colin, who is taken in her stead after he courageously pushes her out of their path. Link rescues the young boy from King Bulbin's clutches and returns him to Kakariko Village. Colin sustained injuries in his kidnapping by King Bulbin and is confined to a bed in Elde Inn, where Renado and his daughter, Luda begin to care for him. Colin dislikes his hospitalization, worsened by the fact that Luda and Beth - who has since developed an infatuation with him after seeing his bravery firsthand - fuss over him. At the end of the game, Colin's sibling is discovered to be a healthy baby girl and Colin is seen carrying a sword and shield in Hyrule Field, implying that his father has since started training him.

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