Tsubaki Collbrande

Tsubaki Collbrande
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Tsubaki Collbrande is the captain of the Hephaestus Familia as well as a master smith. Tsubaki has brown skin, long black hair, red eyes, and wears an eyepatch over her left eye, similar to her Goddess Hephaestus. However, her eyepatch covers the opposite eye. She has a well-endowed chest which she keeps in a sarashi, and wears a red hakama and sandals. Tsubaki has a very friendly personality, casually interacting with various people, and even asked Finn if she could hug him. As a Half Dwarf, she loves alcohol and is very insistent when asking others to join her during a celebration. She doesn't care at all about perverted comments and has even responded to them casually, as she did with Loki. She also dislikes her big chest as it is only an annoyance for her when it comes to forging. A quirk of Tsubaki is that she seems to enjoy hugging adorable little guys. In exchange for allowing him to spend a night in her tent, she demanded that Finn become her hugging pillow. Likewise, she expressed a desire to hug each of the Gulliver Brothers until they irritated her. Although she may show some concern for others, Tsubaki apparently does not want to get involved in the affairs of others unless she knows them. In her first encounter with Ais, she refused to create a weapon for the little girl upon noticing her clear self-destructive tendencies. However, she did nothing to try to stop her and help her improve her attitude. Similarly, she didn't care about the impact of what she told her had back then. In the present, however, she was shown to be overjoyed by Ais' noticeable improvement in comparison to her younger self. She is very passionate about her work. She is excited to get high-quality materials and is impatient when it comes to testing the weapons she forges, to the point of frequently venturing into the dungeon to do it herself. Precisely due to this urgency to test her weapons is that, despite being a blacksmith, Tsubaki was able to reach Level 5 although it had never been her intention; illustrating the degree to which she usually takes her interest. Her dedication in turn seems to be accompanied by a disinterest in knowing things beyond her area of ​​work. She does not know about some things not related to her profession, ignoring the existence of the Hostess of Fertility despite its popularity. She can also be a bit over the top, as Gareth pointed out that she sometimes does foolish things and picks bad times to test her gear. She is also quite blatant when it comes to her opinion and won't keep her thoughts just to herself, openly expressing them. Like the other members of her Familia, Tsubaki aspires to create a weapon that surpasses those created by her Goddess. Aware of how difficult it is to achieve such a goal, she thinks that one should make use of any available means and take advantage of every skill that one possesses in order to achieve it. While most of the time Tsubaki maintains a cheerful demeanor, she becomes serious when bringing up the subject. She can also be very harsh. Seeing Welf's stubbornness to forge a weapon on par with those created by the Gods without relying on his hereditary skill, and noting that his title of high blacksmith had gone to his head, she demonstrated the low quality of his weapons by cutting a dagger that he had created with one of hers; thus showing how far he really was from his goal and to lower the ego caused by his newly acquired title. Tsubaki has a peculiar relationship with Welf. Since he joined her Familia she took a liking to him and teased him regularly, to the point where others dubbed Welf "Tsubaki's toy". Despite the fact that they are no longer members of the same Familia, she continues to treat him the same and takes advantage of every encounter they have to annoy him. Nonetheless, Tsubaki genuinely cares for him too. Once she learnt of his arrival to the 18th Floor with Bell and Lili, she showed dismay at his condition. She also supported him as Hephaestus evaluated his new unbreakable magic sword by pointing out the difficult circumstances in which he had managed to forge it. On top of that, she seems to like, or at least find interesting, Welf's naming sense, having mimicked it at least once. Nonetheless, she disliked that Welf refused to use his innate ability to create magic swords because of his hatred of them. She considered it a waste of talent and scolded him for believing that he could seriously fulfill his ambition without employing all the options available to him. Still, she respected his decision when he openly declared his determination.

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