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Collette is the Aquarius Star Maiden in Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child!! Collette is kind, playful, and hardworking. Whenever someone enters her bakery, she comes up with a new slogan and gives them a warm welcome. She is friends with many of the townsfolk is happy to them delicious bread. Collette believes that bread is a gift from the Star God and is designed to make people happy. She tends to try not receive help from others, but learns that getting aid from others has its benefits. Though she is not flirtatious, she tends to joke with others about their romantic habits or that people are drawn to her because of her bread. She doesn't like complaining because it was time that she use to bake more bread. Collette puts a lot of effort into everything she does. Whether its making bread, maintaining her business, or finding clovers, Collette works hard on whatever she puts her mind too. Even when things get difficult, she quickly recovers and tries harder. Despite being close to the other Star Maidens like Tarua and Lillith, she is shown in game to interact with them less than any other Star Maiden, even compared to less social maidens like Sue or Yuzuha. She has a lot of respect for her grandparents who wear also bakers and recites quotes and sayings they told her when she was younger.

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