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Cordelia is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening and is the mother of Severa. Cordelia is considered to be a genius who can do most things flawlessly; though she hates being referred to as such, mainly because it reminds her of being teased by her seniors, who called her a genius many times in a hazing manner. However, in actuality, it is because Cordelia realized that her comrades truly meant it, proven when they sacrificed themselves so that Cordelia could escape and thus would be their legacy. She is aware of her prodigious talents and as a result is seen as a prideful individual by Libra, and arrogant by her senior Pegasus Knight. She is not without flaws, however, as she admits to Virion that she is a bit ill-tempered, and in some conversations, she shows to have little self-esteem. Cordelia has strong, unrequited feelings for Chrom ever since he saved her during a incident from when she tried to do too much on her own, but she keeps them hidden since she knows that he has feelings for someone else; thus, making a relationship with him impossible. This is reflected in the game and Fire Emblem Warriors with Chrom and Cordelia being unable to support one another. Around Chrom, most notably in the Summer Scramble, she acts quite nervous, tense, and overwhelmed by emotion when around him, having a hard time every time she speaking to him, once even fainting at the idea of physical contact with him. Her clear affection for Chrom is noticed by many of the other men in the army that she can support, with this particularly being on a reason of conflict with her future daughter, Severa. Cordelia can eventually move past these feelings towards Chrom if she achieves an S-Support. This is reflected in one of her Event Tile quotes with her daughters as well as more specifically to Robin in the Summer Scramble. Based on her supports, she is not satisfied with the term "average", as she aims to be perfect in mastering her skills and anything she does, with Chrom saying it both her greatest strength, and her greatest flaw. Her perfectionism caused many of her fellow Pegasus Knights to haze her, believing that she was looking down on them, by to also throw their lives away when Gangrel attacked Ylisstol, believing that she was the future of the Pegasus Knights. This also causes her to be unable to initially understand Sumia's tendencies to perform flower fortunes before a battle, but she accepts Sumia's hobby upon Sumia explaining her reasoning. She is described by Lon'qu and Libra as a workaholic, as she continuously fretted over unfinished work for the army and stressed over it, even exhausting herself too much by trying to do too much on her own. In her supports with Robin, she feels remorseful that her squad gave up their lives for her; but she decides to live and fight on in their memory. It is revealed in her supports with Stahl that she plays the harp, and one day hopes to be as good as Phila was. In the Roster Rescue and Summer Scramble DLCs, she is shown to be embarrassed by her modest bust size, constantly wearing her breastplate to make it seem that her breasts are bigger than they really are. Cordelia sighs the most in the army.

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