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Corrin is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates and the protagonist of the game. As an Avatar, their name and appearance are customizable by the player. Corrin is a member of Nohrian and Hoshidan royalty, and so has a central role in the war between both kingdoms. Corrin wields the sword Yato as their main weapon. Corrin is a kind person who cares deeply for the people they love and will come to the aid of anyone who should ask them for it, rapid-firing apologies if they do something to upset others, likely inheriting this habit from their father. Despite having been sheltered throughout all of their childhood, they are quite social and conversational, as well as persuasive to the point of convincing some enemy soldiers to join their cause. Aside from being unusually charismatic and attracting people to them, Corrin is also mentioned to have a way with animals, as it is said the horses in the stables like them. As they spent the majority of their time growing up within the walls of the Northern Fortress, Corrin is very curious about the outside world, and quite eager to come across new sights. As proven by their support conversations with Silas, however, this trait of theirs has somewhat diminished over time. Corrin is often shown to be very curious and nosy about the members of their army and desires to make friends with their allies, even if they attempt to push them away (such as Beruka, who they still desire to befriend despite her threats, Hana, who despises them for thinking they caused Sakura's sadness and Rinkah, who chooses to isolate herself from the rest of her allies, preferring to be in her own company in that of being in others, despite Corrin saving her life). For the most part, the gender of Corrin does not impact their personality as a whole, however, the male is more laid-back and sweet in his unique supports, while the female is peppier and feisty in hers. Corrin is also shown to have a tendency to oversleep unintentionally. According to Gunter however, this was not always the case, as Corrin was much more quiet and shy in their childhood, only becoming more outspoken once Gunter showed them kindness by acting as a father figure for them while at the Northern Fortress, though Corrin's supports with Camilla show signs of that introverted side, as they are quite uncomfortable with her excessive doting. Even so, Corrin hopes to get better at empathizing with people such as her and spend lots of time with them. Due to his constant visits to the Fortress, Corrin holds a particularly strong bond with Xander, who was not only Corrin's main sparring partner, but the person they wished to surpass in combat. Corrin's most notable quirk (noted by a number of members in their army) is that they are quick to trust individuals, even when they are advised not to, likely due to them growing up having no experience of the outside world whatsoever, making them naive. This applies to Zola in Birthright and Anthony in Revelation, both of whom were tasked with killing them. They do eventually express some level of caution, both in the case of Iago in Birthright and the manifestation of Mikoto in Revelation, where they do not fall for their deception. While both Ryoma and Xander have stated that this could be a very fatal trait, they have conceded that this unwavering sense of trust makes them more trustworthy themselves, leading to many members of their army placing their faith in Corrin's cause and leadership. Ryoma has stated that this has been their main trait since they were young, having an honest and kind mindset and, in his mind, makes them worthy of being a ruler. While their charisma makes them an excellent leader in skirmishes - and Male Corrin's support with Shiro shows he's good at discerning an immediate opponent's strengths and weaknesses - both genders lack the vision to handle large-scale battles, as their supports with Leo showcase Corrin being upset at their inability to command large forces, leading them to reveal that they feel ashamed of their inexperience and often feel unworthy of leading because they feel they aren't as strong and wise as they should be and claims they are envious of his strategic mind and that they would trade with him if possible. Their supports with Mozu reveals that they have a good enough academic background to pass knowledge onto her. They are also shown to have some intelligence with ideas like asking Zola to use his powers to change Azura's appearance as Layla to fool King Garon in Birthright, forcing Kotaro to reveal his kidnapping of Kagero in Conquest and deducing a traitor in their army with little to no information in Revelation. Corrin is also very strong-willed in the path they've chosen and never joins the opposing side even if one of their siblings or allies tries to ask them. Corrin has strong familial attachment to both the Nohrian and Hoshidan royal siblings. Regardless of their choice, they are reluctant to fight against either family whenever they are forced to face them. This also leads them to be extremely merciful and will always try to end a battle against them and their forces with as little casualties as possible, and will always spare their sibling. Even in the instance where Corrin refuses to pick a side, the thought of both families fighting each other are equally bad and they hope that one day, the two families will see eye to eye and become friends. Corrin is also shown to be a very loving and protective parent if they have a child of their own, as when Kana is attacked by Invaders, they display nothing but righteous fury, stating that they will stain the fields of the Deeprealm with the Invaders' blood in retaliation. Lastly, Azura becomes Corrin's closest ally in the army as they share the same circumstances of their lives, almost becoming akin to siblings. Corrin has shown a wide variety of talents, as Kaze's Private Quarter invite quote reveals that they are a great piano player, while some supports notes that they enjoy writing poetry and reading about philosophy. However, they have trouble with household basics as they were constantly pampered by their retainers, which caused them to lack the skills, with their supports being the very first time they attempt such chores, causing them to burn massive amounts of tea in their support with Jakob and having trouble doing their own laundry in their support with Frederick. They are hardly discouraged by this, however, as their eagerness to learn comes from a desire to be a bit less over-reliant on others. Corrin is the one with the most hidden potential in the army.

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