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Crimson Riot
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Chivalrous Hero: Crimson Riot is a Pro Hero, and the idol and inspiration of Eijiro Kirishima, whose hero name, Red Riot, pays homage to. Crimson Riot seems to be a hero with a very strong will who believes that willpower is more important than one's Quirk, stating, "As long as you have a manly spirit, it doesn't matter what kind of Quirk you have."He clearly states that for him, the word "manly" refers purely to a state of mind, essentially determination and courage, and therefore isn't gender-specific, and can be found as much in men as in women. Crimson Riot is haunted by an incident early in his career where his momentary hesitation led to civilian deaths. As a result of this traumatic experience, Crimson Riot became more fearful of watching innocent people die than of dying himself. Ironically, heroics fueled by this fear gave him a reputation as a fearless hero who always charged headfirst into danger without hesitation. Unnamed Hardening Quirk: Crimson Riot's Quirk gives him the ability to harden his hair. The hardening blackens the affected area.

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