Crusch Lulu

Crusch Lulu
Original Name
Romaji Name
Kurushu Rūrū
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Trash # 253

Crusch is a white albino lizardmen with snow white scales and spotless purity. She has round bright red eyes like rubies and slim limbs. Crush possesses a strong will and will not give up so long as there is hope. She also had a low sense of self-esteem and believed that all other lizardmen would look at her with disgust. She deeply cares for those around her and would do anything to keep them safe. Crusch Lulu was born an albino which normally would mean that in the lizardmen community she would be abandoned. In Lulu's case however, her parents decided to raise her even with this genetic fault. Over the time she proved herself to be a strong practitioner of magic. When the famine in the Wetlands occurred, Red Eye managed to stave off extinction through fratricide. However, unable to bear with the guilt and shame, Crusch led a rebellion against the current chief. Her rebellion was a success and the mantle of leadership was passed down to her making her the chieftain of the Red Eye Tribe.

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