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Fire Emblem
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May 14th
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Cynthia is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening and a member of Chrom's Shepherds. The "pega-pony princess" who is just as clumsy as her mother but a heroic force not to be trifled with. The most baffling sleeptalker. Cynthia is Sumia's daughter from the future. In the past she used to be a "girly-girl" according to her conversation with Severa in the Harvest Scramble. Cynthia grew up with the stories of the "Generation of Heroes" or the stories of her parents and their friends, even if they were not all entirely accurate. Most of her time was spent with Sumia, whom the two began forging a spear for Cynthia. Unfortunately Sumia was killed in battle before this project could be completed as only the spearhead was forged by Cynthia. Sumia's pegasus eventually found its way back home and wanted to protect Cynthia, thus becoming her mount. She also received Sumia's wedding ring and has worn it ever since. Sumia's death weighed heavily on her and because of the stories of her parents, Cynthia changed her entire personality and begun hanging out with boys more than she did with girls. She eventually began training to be a hero and to become a member of the Pegasus Knight Squad. Cynthia would later join Lucina and the other children on their journey to go to the past and prevent the ruinous future. After arriving in the current timeline, Cynthia searched for Chrom's army. On the way she bumped into a man claiming to be Chrom and instantly believed him despite the lack of resemblance. She began to follow his orders and aided him as much as she could. As a child, Cynthia was very girly and hated violence, but with the death of her mother, Cynthia discarded these in order to become a hero. Her pursuit has lead to a love of stories of heroics, especially ones of Sumia, her father, and their comrades, the former two whom she idolizes the most. She also practices dramatic entrances into battle, accompanied by a flashy war cry, fine tuning them so she can become the hero she desires to be. Her imagination can sometimes run wild and easily believes the stories told of her mother in particular, but has some sense in knowing what is actually fiction, instead choosing to believe the outlandish stories to motivate her.

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