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Dabi, real name Toya Todoroki, is a major antagonist in the My Hero Academia manga and anime series. He is the eldest son of the Pro Hero Endeavor, driven insane due to his neglectful and selfish actions, and becoming a villain to enact revenge. He became affiliated with the League of Villains, a former member of the organization's since disbanded Vanguard Action Squad, and later one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Alongside his teammates, he serves as one of the main antagonists in the Forest Training Camp Arc, Pro Hero Arc, Paranormal Liberation War Arc, and Final War Arc. Dabi is a reasonably tall, pale young man of slim shape but somewhat muscular build, described as in his early twenties. He has white hair with a few red flecks at its crown that spikes upward around his head, hanging low over his eyes, which are thin, turquoise, and heavily lidded. Dabi's hair was dyed black before revealing his true identity. His most striking features are undoubtedly the patches of gnarled, wrinkled, purple skin that cover much of his lower face and neck, all the way down past his collarbone, below his eyes, around his torso, and on his arms and legs due to him losing control of his fire Quirk at age 13, engulfing him in flames. These appear to be attached to the rest of his skin by multiple crude surgical staples or hoop piercings. He has several silver cartilage piercings in both ears and a triple nostril piercing on the right side of his nose. Upon closer inspection, he also lacks earlobes on both sides of his ears. In his first appearance, he wears a dark blue jacket with a high, ripped collar, matching pants cut off above his ankles, and a pair of dark dress shoes on his feet. He also has a plain pale gray, scoop-neck shirt, below which a gray belt with a circular pattern wraps around his waist, a leather satchel attached at the back. As a child, Toya had a round face and unruly crimson hair spiked up in tufts around his head, falling down his forehead in uneven bangs, though due to inheriting his mother's genes, his hair slowly turned white. He wore a plain gakuran jacket and usually wore a neutral expression, as shown in a few of his family's photos. Due to his premature birth, he was shorter than his two younger siblings, Fuyumi and Natsuo, though it wasn't until after his growth spurt did Toya become around the same height as them. After losing control of his Quirk and waking up from three years comatose, Toya had grown taller, and his hair had become spikier, with him now resembling more of his appearance as an adult. Toya's burn scars were also present, with the missing parts of his body having to be replaced by regenerative tissue, although they were not as severe as they are now, and not yet attached to his skin via piercings. Upon joining the Vanguard Action Squad, Dabi's apparel is updated, now consisting of a large dark blue knee-length overcoat with two large metal cuffs at the end of each elbow-length sleeve and a white stitch design on each of his shoulders; the coat has three ripped hems, granting the appearance of 4 coattails. His shirt and belt stay the same, but he replaces his pants with a larger pair of a darker color, and his shoes with black boots. Around the time of the formation of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Dabi acquires a new outfit to complete his status as one of the nine lieutenants of the organization. Dabi wears a long dark blue coat with white cuffs, similar to his previous look, albeit the ends of the coat are not tattered. In addition, he dons a white V-necked shirt with white outlines. The stitches extend not only to his shoulder pads but also to the kneecaps of his pants. The only things he retains are his silver belt, black boots, and his dark-colored pants. He also has three buttons on both sides of his coat. Following the Paranormal Liberation War, Dabi retains his white hair color, and his burns have now extended to his hands and cheekbones due to overusing his Quirk during his confrontation with Endeavor and Shoto. By the time of the Final War, Dabi's new tattered overcoat, boots, and pants were all white, with bracers on the sleeves and a belt on his waist. His new outfit also lacks a shirt underneath. As Dabi continues to use his Quirk wildly, his body is burning away even more. The already burned flesh around the right side of his face is beginning to crumble and fall off, greatly leaving him disfigured. A portion of his jaw, teeth, muscles, and tendons are now visible, and his burns continue to spread around his face. As his fire continues to rage on, Dabi's body is now showing his bones and tendons from other parts of his body. In his fight against Endeavor, Dabi purposefully exploded his right arm as he attacked his father. In addition to this, his eyes are now completely consumed within his flames, and cracks of fire have begun to appear along his body as it starts to explode. Toya was very energetic and boisterous as a child, and he wanted to learn as much as he could from his father. Because his father, Enji, had emphasized that he would be the one to surpass All Might since childhood, Toya became obsessed with fulfilling that dream, becoming just as stubborn as his father to become the next number one hero. This drive to surpass All Might was so great that, despite Enji telling him to abandon this goal and focus on something else, Toya refused and continued training, burning himself in the process. Toya described his goal as a fire that his father lit within him that would not go out and that he could not bring himself to ignore, highlighting how his childhood dream became an unhealthy obsession. Rei, however, construed that Toya simply yearned for his father's acknowledgment and proof that he wasn't a failure, something that became more apparent following the birth of Shoto, who had inherited the Quirk and strength that Toya lacked. Toya's obsession would go on to make him further unstable, becoming indifferent to the damage his Quirk training was doing to his own body and also shrugged off concerns from his sister and mother, stating that his younger siblings lived in a different world than him. At one point, Toya even lashed out and attacked his mother and an infant Shoto with his Quirk when his father refused to look at him. Being aware of the Quirk Marriage of his parents, Toya grew bitter towards his mother when she tried to dissuade him from training, claiming that she held just as much responsibility as Enji for why he was born, words that shook Rei to her core. Despite this, he wasn't completely callous towards his family as he had a reasonably good relationship with Fuyumi and Natsuo while growing up, and he also expressed regret for trying to attack Shoto while admitting that he was wrong. After feeling abandoned by Enji, who became focused on Toya's youngest brother Shoto, Toya went through an existential crisis and would cry out of frustration every night. Nevertheless, he continued to train his Quirk despite the harm he would suffer, hoping to surpass Shoto and gain his father's approval. Toya even cried out of pure happiness when he saw his Quirk evolve and his flames become stronger. However, when his father didn't meet with him to see this discovery, Toya broke down emotionally and lost control of his flames, which nearly burned him to death. Even after surviving and waking up from 3 years comatose, however, Toya still went home and wanted to see his father again, yet also desired to make amends with his family for attacking Shoto and his mistreatment of them. After seeing that nothing had changed and that Enji was still obsessed with training Shoto to become his successor, Toya psychologically broke, taking this action that all he ever was to his father was a failed and discarded attempt at reaching his selfish ambitions. This mental breakdown caused Toya to completely abandon his old self and become Dabi, a murderous and pyromaniacal villain obsessed with ruining his father's reputation and paying him back for all the suffering he went through. After renaming himself Dabi, he became a stoic, aloof, confident, and focused individual who rarely shows emotion. While rather crude and violent, he's cautious, choosing to retreat when Mirko arrived to aid Endeavor and made sure not to divulge too much information to Hawks about High-End because of the infancy of their relationship. Overall, Dabi is a highly enigmatic individual who trusts no one, preferring to do things alone and in his way. He also gives off the impression of knowing more about certain people than he lets on. Despite his usual expressionless behavior, Dabi finds joy in establishing himself as a villain fighting what he believes to be false heroes, an ideology proposed by his apparent inspiration, Stain. Dabi is dedicated to Stain's mission and desires to destroy superhuman society, sharing his belief that one person with the necessary conviction can do so. He is shown to share Stain's sentiment that heroes are hypocritical and unworthy of their title, but unlike Stain, he does not seem to seek a society with better heroes, believing that true heroes don't exist. Despite his devotion to the Hero Killer's creed, Dabi does many things that Stain would not, such as attacking innocent bystanders and helping the League get revenge against Overhaul, while also being motivated by his vengeance against Endeavor. In the end, Dabi only uses Stain's ideals to cover his motives and justify his crimes against the hero society. Dabi takes pleasure in taunting heroic figures, students, and Pro Heroes alike, sadistically enjoying the pain he inflicts on others, including those he murders. Sometimes, Dabi engages in psychological warfare to unnerve whoever his opposition is while also allowing himself to cool down from his Quirk's effects. Very pragmatic in battle, he is rather savvy about how heroes operate and will exploit their natural tendency to rescue others. He is not afraid of causing collateral destruction, rarely holding back, even if it puts his allies at risk. Dabi is intolerant of most people and can be very derisive, rude, and condescending to everyone with whom he interacts. He insulted Tomura Shigaraki immediately after meeting him and constantly does the same to his allies and enemies but doesn't always do it with the intention of being rude. While the League would go on to develop a strong sense of camaraderie, Dabi has remained distant from them for the most part. He has admitted that he doesn't care for Tomura or the rest of the League and that the value he puts on them comes mostly from their ability to bring his ambitions into reality. This selfish way of thinking establishes Dabi as an extreme sociopath. However, Dabi appears to at least be capable of feeling some remorse. While he had no problem killing the Pro Hero Snatch, the latter's words appeared to have resonated with him, implying that Dabi has sympathy for those that have lost family due to villains, as well as the loved ones of those who he has killed. Yet, this remorse does not extend to his family, as Dabi has frequently contemplated their deaths for revenge against Endeavor. He also appears to have specific standards, as upon seeing Tsukuyomi arrive to save Hawks, he was surprised and disgusted by how the heroes and government were more than willing to bring young students into the Paranormal Liberation War, although he could've just been looking down on them for having to rely on high schoolers. Dabi even displayed some semblance of kindness when he burned down Himiko Toga's old family home while she was feeling distraught over it, though he claims he only did it to twist the knife for the heroes. Despite admitting that he held no care for the other League members, he did encourage Twice to do his best for the League during the war, even hi-fiving him as he ran out to join the battle and took the time to encourage Himiko that they should continue fighting for their cause. This personality aspect shows that Dabi cares enough about his allies to support their morale when needed, even if only for pragmatic and self-serving purposes. Following the reveal of his identity and his broadcast revealing his childhood, Dabi unveils his far more sadistic and unhinged side, expressing a maddened and gleeful expression upon confronting his father and youngest brother. With his sadism and vengeance fully renewed, Dabi thoroughly relishes any pain he can cause Endeavor, shown when he attacked Nejire Chan with his Quirk and gloated that Endeavor's flames had burned another child's future. His broadcast has also shown his steadfast belief about heroes: they use their good actions to hide and justify all their sins and use the public's admiration of them to keep it that way. He ridicules his father for believing that he could atone for his past abuse of his family and his attempts to change into a better person and does the same when revealing Hawks' father to be a serial criminal who the Flame Hero caught. Although he had previously discarded his birth name, he resumes using it after his battle with his father. Dabi is also aware of his madness and doesn't seem to be against the idea of suicide if it can kill his father or hurt him more, as shown when Dabi attempts to immolate both himself and Shoto in the War. He also expresses how he can't feel anything anymore, not even towards his family, further cementing Dabi's apathy and showing how far he has fallen. He later confirms to Shoto that he's fully intending to go down while taking out Endeavor, knowing that his vengeance would lead him to death from the start and that killing his father while destroying everything he holds dear will be how he leaves his mark on the world. Upon confronting his father again in the Final War, Dabi intends to use his Quirk to self-destruct and destroy everything around him. As a result of this, Dabi's loss of sanity causes him to regress back to his childhood thoughts before he starts to explode, as seen by him telling his father to look at him like he did as a child, having completely lost himself to his desire for vengeance.

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