Dadan Tadan

Dadan Tadan
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Dadan Tadan, also known by his Hero name Lucky Strike, is a student of Isamu Academy High School. Dadan is a short boy compared to his classmates, Dadan has light chestnut hair, which he wears swept diaginally up to the left, a round nose, tiny circular black eyes and a mouth that rather resembles that of a cat. His most defining physical trait is the size and proportion of his arms, which start off thin at the top, but then widen as they go down with gigantic hands at the bottom. The rest of his body seems to do the same, as he has very wide hips compared to his shoulders, and he’s rather on the chubby side around his lower stomach area. Not much is known about his personality, but he generally wears a sheepish look, suggesting him to be quite passive. Dadan's costume allows him to launch a salvo of missiles that make use of his Quirk. The salvo is able to bombard a fairly large area. Flash Bang Sweat: Dadan's Quirk allows him to sweat a substance that releases a bright light and loud sound upon impact.

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