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Daki was one of the primary antagonists in the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She was a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, being the secondary holder of the position of Upper Rank Six, a position she shared with the primary holder, her older brother, Gyutaro. Over a century ago, Daki was a human child by the name of Ume, who lived in the Rashomon Riverbank of Yoshiwara, the lowest class of the Entertainment District, before she and Gyutaro were turned into demons personally by Doma, who was Upper Rank Six at the time. Daki was a tall, curvaceous, pale-skinned, and slender woman with lime green eyes and long eyelashes. Her hair was white with a lime green ombre at the ends and was styled in a full, long ponytail and with kanzashi hairpins (three on each side) holding up the ponytail. The kanji for "Upper Rank" was engraved in Daki's left eye and the kanji for "Six" was engraved in the other. When not disguised as an Oiran, she sported 2 pink flower-like demon crest on her face, and wore a two-piece version of her kimono consisting of magenta pink panties tied by long, black bows on the sides and with two magenta pieces of cloth that cover her chest. She had magenta thigh-high stockings with black flower patterns and tall three-legged sanmaiba/koma-geta or mitsu-ashi shoes. After her Obi sashes returns to her, black cracks appear on various parts of her body and Daki's hair shifts from black to pale white with lime green tips, matching her original hair color when she was human. When her elder brother Gyutaro awakens, he implants his left eye into Daki's forehead upside-down, creating black ink-like markings (similar to the markings covering Gyutaro's body) around the eye as well. Under her disguise as an Oiran, she appeared to abide to the characteristics of the oiran/tayū, her hair being the typical date-hyōgo style having numerous Ōgi bira kanzashi hairpins both decorating and supporting it as well as wearing traditional makeup. Daki also possessed a multi-colored eye, with the top half in a terracotta orange color and the bottom half in a lime green color with a black spear-like pattern in place of pupils. She also wore a large pure-white haori with black five-faced pentagonal shaped patterns near the cuffs and hem, with a dark magenta-colored Susohiki/Hikizuri (trailing skirt) kimono and a purple juban under all of it, keeping fragments of her Blood Demon Art as her Obi. Before she turned into a demon, Daki was a young girl with long, disheveled white hair with messy bangs along with pale lipstick and lapis blue eyes with long lashes. She wore a torn, pale pink kimono with an irregular square patterns with a horizontal lines across it. She was described to be so pretty that her beauty can make adults falter. Daki was a very prideful, dimissive, and sadistic person, taking enjoyment in toying with her victims before killing them and not showing the slightest bit of guilt or remorse for apathetically taking the lives of people. Daki also seemed to think very highly of herself, dismissing all non-Hashira Demon Slayers as not worth her time, and getting incensed when Tanjiro Kamado spoke to her, presumably because she looked down on him. This is also shown when Daki said that she might spare Tanjiro if he told her how many Demon Slayers are present in the Entertainment District, and when Daki openly expresses how slow the Demon Slayer's techniques are and her boredom, further exampling her arrogant and dismissive personality. As a courtesan, she seemed to have a seductive side as seen during her typical interactions with her male clienteles. Despite being hundreds of years old, she had displayed childish and brattish tendencies such as throwing tantrums, crying hysterically when things didn't go her way, and lashing out against anyone to vent her frustrations. Daki was openly aggressive and both verbally and physically abusive towards anybody that displeased her in any form. Daki had a certain number of habits that were well recorded in history, in particular her use of the word "Hime" at the end of any of the identities she assumed. She also had a habit of angling her head to the sides and glaring at others while sitting when criticized. As an oiran, Daki was extremely cruel and wicked, pulling on a young girl's ear because she didn't clean up her room and punching Zenitsu Agatsuma into the other room for merely touching her. She also preferred to only eat people that she viewed as beautiful or strong, choosing to kill those who got on her nerves without eating them and leaving their bodies behind, which people often mistook as suicide. Daki displayed a spoiled and bratty demeanor that bordered on sociopath-like character, harassing many of her fellow workers to the point of suicide, purely because they annoyed or retorted her, all the while showing no traces of guilt and in fact deflect the blame on her victims for offending her. She was so proudful that she had no respect for anybody, not even her house owners, rubbing on their faces that she was their central source of income as both a way to display her status and halt their objections towards her. She was so drunk on her standing and infamously violent tendencies that some house masters had to resort to bowing their heads in order to calm her angry outbursts, to which she responded by putting up a corrected, more polite and affable stance. Nonetheless for all her faults, she was an exceptionally skilled courtesan whose many identities had always earned great fame and significant earnings. Daki has shown to have exceedingly childish and aggressive tendencies, potentially due to her young age prior to being transformed into a demon. This was shown when she threw a tantrum and cried when she got beheaded by Tengen Uzui, showing her childish temperament and whining incessantly while spewing threats at the Hashira. As seen during her fight against Nezuko, Daki also suffered from a certain level of Pyrophobia. Due to her having been burned alive at the age of 13 in her human life, Daki has shown to have a deep psychological fear of flames. Having been shown to scream hysterically after she was set on fire by Nezuko's Blood Demon Art due to the experience having brought back that painful trauma to her. In stark contrast to her bossy, hostile, dominating and violent exterior, Daki was fanatically loyal to Muzan, bowing her head immediately and speaking in a considerably meeker voice tone while being both visibly terrified and mesmerized by his presence. This was well known to him to the point he actively honey-laced his words towards her in order to easily motivate and direct her actions, despite the fact he thought badly of her abilities in comparison to her brother. She seems to have a somewhat caring relationship with her brother, Gyutaro, though she had been seen insulting and ridiculing him when they both fail, showing that despite her love for her brother, she isn't above ranting and lashing out at him, as shown when she spoke cruelly of him upon their defeat, even insulting his appearance and viciously claiming that he couldn't possibly be her brother. However, underneath her spoiled attitude towards her brother, Daki is shown to possess a strong genuine love for him, as seen during her time in Limbo, where despite Gyutaro attempting to sever ties with her and try to send her to heaven, Ume stubbornly refuses to abandon her brother, even if it meant going to hell together with him. Having tearfully reminded him that no matter what happened to them, they were at their strongest together and promised that no matter how many times she died and was reborn, she would always be his little sister. It was noted by Gyutaro that as a human she possessed an easily influenced, impressionable and honest personality, causing her to easily take up the personality traits and words of those she trusts and admired to heart, as evidenced by Muzan's manipulation. Her brother Gyutaro himself believes that the sole reason why she is like she is now was due to her being raised by him to be selfish and to only worry and care about herself due to taking to heart his words of "take before you're taken from", resulting in her current personality. He also added that had she been raised in a normal household and was taught proper morals and teachings, she would've become the polar opposite of her current self.

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