Danielle Moonstar

Danielle Moonstar
Original Name
Danielle Moonstar
Romaji Name
Danielle Moonstar
Appears In
Marvel Comics
Place of Origin
Boulder, Colorado
Date of Birth
66.00 cm
123.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 24133
Like # 22745
Trash # 24630

Danielle Moonstar was a Native American of the Cheyenne Nation. After her mutant powers emerged at puberty, she could not control her ability to create visible images of people's greatest fears. Manifesting the images at unexpected moments alienated her from everyone in her community, except for her parents William and Peg Lonestar, and her grandfather, the chief and shaman Black Eagle.[16] New Mutants Vol 2 2 Textless.jpg One night, Dani created a vision of her parents' deaths, and, shortly thereafter, her parents disappeared during a trip to the mountains. Moonstar though they had been killed and began having nightmares of a demonic bear, whom she believed to be responsible for their deaths. In fact, Moonstar's parents had been transformed into the demonic bear. This bear intended to work the same transformation upon Moonstar, but the spells of Black Eagle kept the demonic bear away from her.[17] After her parents' disappearance, Moonstar was taken in by their friends, the Roberts. Danielle became close friends with their son, Pat. After she had been at the Roberts' home a week, Moonstar was at Sunday dinner with them, when Pat said something to her that provoked her. Moonstar lashed out at him with her psychic power and the images of the objects of Pat's greatest fear and desire appeared before Pat and his family. Moonstar then fled to the mountains, where Black Eagle raised her over the following years.[18][16] Looking to help his granddaughter, Black Eagle sent a letter to Professor Charles Xavier asking him to provide Moonstar with the training she needed to utilize her powers. Xavier was an army friend of Danielle's father and had become acquainted with Black Eagle. When Black Eagle asked Moonstar to go with Xavier, she angrily refused, believing all Caucasians to be her enemies. In her anger, Moonstar unintentionally created an image of Black Eagle's death as he had foreseen it in a prophetic dream. Black Eagle ordered her to go with Xavier and she agreed.[1] Before Xavier arrived, Black Eagle was murdered by agents of Donald Pierce, a member of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club who intended to overthrow its leader, Sebastian Shaw. Pierce was determined to kill Professor Xavier, as well as other superhuman mutants. Moonstar, unaware of Pierce's involvement, vowed to take vengeance for her grandfather's death.

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