Darbus Husbando

Original Name
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Death Mountain
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 25267
Like # 28727
Trash # 14268

Darbus is the current patriarch of the Goron tribe within Death Mountain and is the successor of Gor Coron, one of the four Goron Elders. He is an immense Goron of great strength, larger than the other Gorons that Link encounters on his journey through Hyrule. After noticing odd volcanic activity within Death Mountain, Darbus went into the depths of the Goron Mines to discover the source. When Darbus made contact with the Fused Shadow, he was transformed into the beast, Fyrus, and went on a rampage of destruction through the Goron Mines, causing volcanic eruptions and other disturbances. The Goron Elders all decided to seal Fyrus within the Goron Mines, dividing fragments of the key into the mines between themselves and leaving Gor Coron to lead their people in Darbus' absence. Link battles his way through the depths of the mines and defeats Fyrus, restoring Darbus to his original form. Darbus has no memory of his time as Fyrus and Gor Coron decides not to inform prideful Darbus that he was rescued by a mere human. Darbus is later seen visiting the Sanctuary in Kakariko Village to assist in the attempt to restore Ilia's memory. Darbus clears rocks out of the path to the Hidden Village for Link and gives him tips on how to defeat all of the Bulbins that dwell there before returning to Death Mountain. Darbus can be coarse, bigheaded, and condescending towards others - especially humans - but proves to be a decent person and a very helpful ally.

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